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New AI tools I’ve been playing with nonstop: Udlo and Suno. Here’s one of many prompts from Suno: “Heavy metal song about panicked polar bears that eat too much edible cannabis on New Year’s Eve.” It produced two song variations about 90 seconds later, and the quality was unbelievable. This AI-music arms race is heating up fast, and it’s also straining under the explosive demand. When I tried to use Suno for this bullet, it was freezing and producing errors, so I tried a competitor named Udio for the first time. I was up and running in seconds. From coverage in Tom’s Guide: “The brainchild of former Google DeepMind engineers, the [Udio] platform has already drawn both investment and attention from parts of the music community, including [will.i.am](http://will.i.am/) and Common.” I used this prompt: “an upbeat reggaeton song about a newsletter named 5-Bullet Friday that brings joy like a bathtub full of puppies” Click here for the song it created in about 90 seconds, which I then extended. https://www.udio.com/songs/bhmhExfKbjrhnBZYW1gSLi It’s unreal. I suspect some of you will also get a laugh out of the cover art, which I generated on the platform with “Tim Ferriss in a bathtub full of puppies.” Click the heart, and perhaps it’ll trend. :) You could throw a lot of these AI songs on a sound system at a party tonight, and no one would raise an eyebrow. My song is in Spanish, but the English lyrics via Google Translate are below. It sounds a lot better in Spanish! The “extend” function could use some work blending the segments, but it is already a mind-blowing experience: The newsletter that lights up the week, joy Five bullets that wake me up every day, every day Like puppies playing, they make me smile, smile Bathtub full of joy, there is no better breeze, that breeze Their stories carry us, every Friday is a party 5-Bullet Friday, the joy it injects you Fresh news arrives, Friday is ready, oh yes With each bullet, my heart bursts, bursts Rhythm in words, like a complete, complete party 5-Bullet Friday, is the spark that resonates and connects Under the Friday sun, the vibration does not stop Five pure moments, drive away sadness Once again, here’s the link to listen. And if the links are down for some reason, I downloaded my creation, so here’s a backup version. Mere moments after making the above, I got the warning “Due to heavy load, generations are much slower than usual. We’re working hard to improve performance.” The race goes to the swift!