Welcome, guinea pigs 🐹 !

You are most cordially invited to the Favolist Beta!

You’ll already various public profiles such as Tim Ferriss, Andrew Huberman, The Broke Backpacker and many more. These are currently demo profiles, compiled from polling many of you pre-launch as to which podcasters/influencers/bloggers you usually obtain product recommendations from.

In this beta version, you’ll be in the company of many like-minded individuals from Bali, Berlin and the US but also from people around the world.

Since this is a beta, you might encounter a bug here or there. Feel free to report those directly to me on WhatsApp +49 178 684 7717, or email me at v.rehms@gmail.com, or just use the bug reporting page! There’s also this beta Link Text WhatsApp group you can write on. Feedback or feature requests are also welcome. Check out the features pipeline below.

Now go ahead and sign up, create lists and engage with each other 🙏

Features pipeline
    - Enhanced speed - Drag and drop to order listings and lists on the profile or list page - Sharing buttons
  • Support for digital products and services on top of physical products
  • Videos in product listing gallery
  • Rich media (videos, images, audio) support for product reviews and descriptions as well as list and profile about texts to enable a more blog-like experience
  • YouTube video embeds for product reviews and descriptions as well as list and profile about texts
  • Ranked lists to enable blog-like “Top 10 XX Products” lists
  • “Best for XX” subtitles in listings to allow for categorization such as “Best for small budget” or “Best overall”
  • Referral icons to immediately see if a listing includes a referral
  • Enhanced algorithmic search with Elastic Search for more accurate and contextual search performance and search speed
  • Automatic listing creating with url when creating product listing (currently only possible with Amazon and Shopify urls) with products links from:
    • Tokopedia
    • Shopee
    • Lazada
    • Rakuten
    • Etsy
  • Automatic listing creation through product search requiring users to only type the product/brand name and selecting the product from a dynamic dropdown list
  • Socials verification to badge official accounts and display engagement counts on external platforms
  • YouTube channel imports for YouTubers (possible UI layouts TBD)
  • Amazon lists import
  • Homefeed updates of follower/following activity such as when they comment or bookmark a listing on or new list update
  • Videos and articles segment in profile for creators
  • Homefeed updates of videos and articles
  • Secret features - stay tuned as the domain will change from .xyz to .ai 👀