Three-Body Problem 4 book Set
The triology, whose first book is the most recognizable "The Three Body Problem", is my absolute number #1 favorite most special and loved work of written word of all time. It's the most epic (as in grand scale epic), mindbending and imaginative story ever written, especially the climactic third book. The triology has been hailed by the world's most influential people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Neil Gaiman. Rememberance of Earth's Past dives extremely deep into humanity's and the universe's most crucial questions. And, for those fundamental questions, hard science is essential. This is why I believe powerful science fiction is just as important and relevant as classic philosophy in the discussion of these questions. Aristotle, Confucius, Nietzsche or the Buddha simply didn't possess scientific knowledge and understanding of the universe we have today. And philsophy without the intersection of science, in my mind, only paints half the picture. It's futurism at it's finest, and I strongly believe many elements of this book are of predictive nature – just as Neal Stephenson predicted crypto, surveillance and the metaverse. Seriously – I'm mad how averse the average person is to science-fiction. There's so much to be taught in good scifi. I place this on the same pedestal as anything from the likes of Dostoevski, Tom Sawyer or Shakespeare. Actually, I personally find the thought patterns and ideas discussed in these books more important than in any of the other literature just mentioned. Because it's about the fundamentals of the universe and very existence. Not so much intellectual abstractions or mere human nature. This is so much fucking deeper.

Mostly camped in the scifi genre. It's because good scifi incorporates high-philosophy with modern scientific knowledge (which classic philosophy lacks). There is a reason why the most successful visionaries of the world (Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Naval Ravikant, Barack Obama etc.) ALL love scifi.

Good scifi speculates about and in part predicts the future - branded as a "nerdy" endeavour by the masses, until the masses find themselves within that very world (computers, then social media, then crypto, AI – in the near future cyborgism, immortality, colonization of space).

The very best scifi also tackles the biggest questions of existence without the mystic shrouding of religion. Concepts such as the many-world theory of quantum physics, the idea of life as an antithesis to entropy or the theme of human transcendence should be, in my mind, essential reading for any smart person.

I'm also very much into fantasy and historical novels. Huge credit go to my brothers, who discover most of the unexpected gems in realm of fiction for me.