Lewitt RAY Microphone with Autofocus for Your Voice

“Autofocus” for your voice! Check out this cool demo on YouTube from the link below. If it delivers even 50% of the features, it’ll be one to watch. The description: “RAY is the first microphone with our new sensor-based AURA technology to dynamically adapt your levels and tone according to your distance to the microphone. It’s like autofocus but for your voice. Instead of making perfectly sharp pictures, you’re getting perfectly balanced recordings.” Has anyone used this? If so, what are the pros and cons? Please let me know at @tferriss on Twitter with #RAY. I’m considering sending this to remote podcast guests going forward, as it will save us all tons of fussing with levels, gain, “could you get a little closer to the mic,” etc.


• AUTOFOCUS FOR YOUR VOICE – With its sensor-based AURA technology, RAY precisely adapts your level and tone depending on your distance to the microphone. You can focus on your performance while creating flawless recordings for podcasts, content, live streaming, and music production.
• REVOLUTIONARY MUTE BY DISTANCE – Easily set a specific distance to automatically mute/unmute your signal. Step away from your microphone, knowing your audio will be muted or go live as you approach it.
• DEDICATED MUTE BUTTON - RAY is the first professional XLR microphone with a dedicated MUTE button. You get clear visual feedback when MUTE is engaged. This convenient way to control your audio is perfect for streaming, podcasts, and video meetings.
• ACCESSORIES FOR VOCALS - RAY comes with a high-class professional shock mount, a magnetic pop filter, and a foam windscreen. You have every accessory you need. Its camera-friendly design makes sure you look good on screen too.
• AWARD-WINNING DESIGN - LEWITT is the winner of 15 (!!!) prestigious industry awards and a popular go-to choice for Grammy-award winning producers in world-renowned studios (Atlantic Records, Metropolis London, Echobar Studios, etc.) and home setups around the globe.
• BEST IN ITS CLASS – Designed by LEWITT in Austria, this mic comes in a durable zinc die cast housing with a gold-plated XLR connector for longevity. Each microphone is individually measured, tested, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee plus 2 years warranty.

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