Glerups - Shoe with natural rubber soles

Many of you asked about the shoes I’m wearing in this instagram photo. In the colder months, I wear Glerups indoors effectively 100% of the time. I love them.

Our slippers are made of 100% pure, natural wool in the colour grey with a sole of natural rubber in the colour black. We started making slippers over 30 years ago - in fact, our founder Nanny Glerup made the first pair of slippers as a declaration of love to her husband Ove.

All slippers are produced in our own factory and in our special glerups wool mix, which makes the slippers itch-free and durable. They are designed and produced with respect for animal, people and nature.

Choose the shoe model with a natural rubber sole if you are the type of person who would like to go outside with your slippers and want the "shoe feeling" in your slippers. You can also use them before and after a dip in the water, a nature walk or a weekend trip to the cottage, shelter or tent.

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