Free screen recorder for Mac and PC | Loom
$20 / monthly

The founder of Levels (metabolic tracker) was up on the Tim Ferriss Show. His team is ultra-remote and lean, and he mentioned Loom as the pivotal tool to enable this. They even use Loom over Slack or other corporate chat software.

My verdict after giving it a shot: it's not only hands-down the best tool for screen recordings, but like Corcos said it can revolutionize the way we collaborate. Automatically transcribes Zoom calls or Google Hangouts, or even provides AI-powered summaries. It's also perfect for recording task tutorials for employees or third-parties, and I love the fact that you can track who viewed your recording and that people can comment on the videos. UX is phenomenally good.

Best free online screen recording tool with advanced video editing and video storage trusted by over 21 million people and easy sharing from

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