ProBody Pilates Ball for back pain

If you have lower back pain, I’m shocked it took me this long to figure it out and say, sitting on hard chairs bothers you, or lumbar support helps you — for a year, I’ve been going to restaurants and asking if they have a cushion. Do you have a cushion or pillow or something I can use to fix fucked-up seating situations? This is the solution right here. This is it. This is a Pilates ball, this is a pro-body Pilates. It doesn’t really matter. But honestly, this thing folds up, sticks in your pocket, and I’ve been traveling with it. I’ve had it behind my back the whole time.

And great for first dates. Ladies love Pilates balls. But I will say, for instance, the last time I did a podcast in this seat, I did not use this and my back was fucking killing me afterwards. But the killing me afterwards is not just an issue for today. That’s an issue that causes inflammation, that fucks up my sleep for three or four days. Use this ball, no problem. I can put it behind my back or I can put it under my ass and it folds up and fits in your pocket. So, anyways, folks, there you have it from the sublime to the ridiculous Pilates ball.

• ALL ROUND - The mini exercise ball can effectively stimulate your abdominal and inner thighs muscles, increase your flexiblity, strength and endurance! Can add instability and resistance to do a variety of exercises, and very suitable for relaxation of the body. Most importantly, it makes your exercise full of freshness and fun.
• PROFESSIONAL DESIGN - Made of soft, flexible, durable and skin-friendly PVC, can remain elastic and squishy even fully inflated. Special film attached to the surface, make Goonidy Pilates Ball smooth but non-slip, and can withstand 700lbs, not burst even if pierced by a sharp object.
• EASY TO USE - The Balance Ball can be easily infalted with included tube and breath, pump not required. And a folded size as iphone 12 mini makes the ball convenient to carry and store.
• MULTIPLE USAGE - Soft and skin-friendly materials, plus can withstand 700lbs, make Goonidy Small Exercise Ball suitable for yoga, pilates, ballet, barre, physical therapy, core strength, balance, flexibility, toning and sculpting, fitnness, pregnancy birthing, bouncing, beach and playground play and most rigorous training and workout.
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We care about the experiecne of each customer and serve you wholeheartedly! If you are unhappy with our product for whatever reason, please contact us, and we will gladly provide a replacement or refund.

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