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The Huberman Lab podcast has worked with a select group of sponsors since our launch in January 2021. These relationships allow for ongoing production of the podcast and allow it to be zero-cost to anyone who wishes to listen to and watch the podcast.

Our philosophy on sponsors is and always has been the following:

We only work with brands whose products we personally use and love.

When we have changed or stopped working with a sponsor, it reflects one or more of the following:

They no longer wished to sponsor the podcast
We found a superior product
We changed our stance on their product based on new information or our experience
They went out of business or merged with a larger group we do not endorse
If we no longer work with a sponsor, we remove those ads from our audio back catalog. Alas, YouTube does not allow for easy removal of segments within video content, but in those cases we remove the links from the video description.

If you come across any mention of Dr. Andrew Huberman or the Huberman Lab podcast in connection with a particular product online, it does not necessarily mean that we endorse it. We caution against the unauthorized use of Dr. Huberman’s image, name, likeness and reputation, and references to the Huberman Lab podcast.

Therefore, we have listed here our current sponsor and partner relationships.

Please note that we may receive a commission or affiliate share from some of these sponsors. However, this isn’t the only way to purchase products from them. We’ve provided our links for your convenience and to support the podcast.

Eight Sleep
Maui Nui Venison
Helix Sleep
Additionally, Dr. Huberman is a scientific advisor to Reveri, AG1 (Athletic Greens), Momentous, WHOOP and Virtusan.