The Tim Ferriss Special | milk + honey

I’ve been using milk + honey products for years now. In fact, a few months into using their stuff, I ended up investing. Every milk + honey product is high quality and as elegantly simple as possible. Most recently, I’ve been using their hand purifier (CDC and FDA compliant with 80% alcohol content) and non-toxic essential oil candles. “Candles?! Has Tim been smoking the devil’s cabbage?” you might ask. Here’s the explanation: During lockdown, it’s been a sanity-saver to create daily rituals with my girlfriend. So… each night at dinner, we light a candle for the duration, and it marks the end of the work day and the beginning of decompression and wind-down. It’s my favorite transition of the day.

Organic skin, bath, and body care products handcrafted from organic ingredients.

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